Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I finished Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer which I think was the best book of the series. But that's probably because I'm a man.

All the females I know who are reading it don't seem to like it. (And some are finding it hard to finish.) My mom likened it to Lord of the Rings as in that it became more of an adventure story and less of a romance story. And I think she's right.

Edward who is the heart throb, takes a backseat as Bella becomes more than human. And since most females were reading the story for the fantasy of falling in love with Edward, it's understandable that they would lose interest. But as a man it makes me not so ashamed of mentioning that I read it. (Of course this is all in my head since I don't know why I would feel ashamed. Okay, it's the romance thing... Geesh!)

Also, like the rest of the series it has some flaws. The biggest one is turning Bella into a Mary Sue. I would have liked it if after Bella became a vampire some sort of fault or something from her human life would have carried over. At least she could have felt fear at trying to drive fast, or had some sort of problem wrapping her head around her new life, or even had a clumsy moment.

And it would have been cool to have her get her motorcycle back. A vampiress on a bike would've been awesome! You missed an opportunity on that one Mrs. Meyer.

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