Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spook Country

Just finished Spook Country by William Gibson. He's one of my favorite authors but the way he writes is so full and different, that my brain has to be unscrambled after reading one of his books.

Spook country is set in present day, and technically isn't science fiction, but there is plenty of gadgetry and new ideas that the science fiction buff won't mind.

William Gibson likes to weave together different story lines that don't make sense on their own unless you also read the story lines of other characters, but with Spook Country he takes this to the extreme and you don't really know what the book is about until the last chapter. And then you realize that the name of the book gave it away, and you want to smack yourself on the forehead for not figuring it out sooner. But this doesn't make it boring or less enjoyable since the way he puts sentences together is like savoring dollops of cool.

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