Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Your City or Mine?

I've never understood the penchant for people to like or dislike certain cities. While I can't say I'm a world traveler, I have lived or visited enough places to set my own attitude.

If it is hot I like that, if it is cold I like that. I try to find the beauty and interest wherever I am.

I try to find joy and comfort inside myself. I don't look to others for my self worth or happiness.

If certain people offend you and you don't like them I can understand that, but to extend that feeling to the place, or everyone who lives in that place, is detrimental to your own well being.

Really, its the only solution. You have to be happy wherever you are.

Monday, November 19, 2007

New Job. Book Update.

Okay, I admit the last post was weird, but no one read it so it all worked out.

Since last time I've quit my job and have another, which is okay but far from my dream job. But At least I have more time at work to do other things (like write this) but at the same time it freaks out my eyes a lot more.

As far as the book is concerned, I'm on page 120 of the rewrite. Which is a good thing, except I keep getting distracted by other story ideas and have to set them aside until the rewrite is finished.

Thanksgiving is almost here and I have my bird in the brine bucket getting all flavorful and juicy. Last year I was told by my aunt that I made the best turkey she's ever had so I have a lot to live up to.

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck to the cook!