Saturday, April 14, 2007

America is Insane

This whole Don Imus thing has got me thinking. Personally I don't listen to any shock jocks because I think they are all dumb and coat your mind with sludge. (I get enough sludge in other places, I don't have to willingly ask for more.)

But the above sentence is exactly my point. First of all, he is a shock jock. No where in that title does it say paragon of uprightness and champion of morality. His job is to say and be controversial. If you don't like his irreverence, intolerance, lambasting and joking, then don't listen to him.

All the people who are pretending to be shocked (duh!) by his comments need to get off their self-built boxes of righteousness and be honest with themselves. I bet there is not a single person in the United States who has not said, thought, or laughed at a racist or pseudo quasi racist comment. And those who say otherwise are lying to themselves or are too stupid to realize what the definition of racism is.

And to have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson be the champions of this so called cause makes me roll in the street with laughter. Not only have they both been known to and been caught saying racist comments but they both have the audacity to continue to call themselves Reverends and yet they don't follow what they preach. It says in the Bible that God will forgive whom he will but of us it is required to forgive everyone.

It did not say, only forgive those people who you are okay with forgiving but if they do something that is really bad or you don't like then it's okay to not forgive them. If you believe in the Bible you must forgive everyone, period. There is no leeway. There is no other interpretation.

The people of the United States have forgotten how to be compassionate, how to forgive, and how to let things go. Our country was based on the idea of free speech. But now we have fallen into the trap of Animal Farm. Everyone has free speech, but some people have more free speech than others.

You can't have it both ways. Either speech is free or it is not.


Anonymous said...

Are you listening to my thoughts? Those comments are exactly what I think about this whole thing. He is a RADIO D.J. FOR HEAVEN SAKE! You're not supposed to take those idiots seriously. You forgot to add that everyone gets mad when "white" people say things but as soon as a "non white" person says something towards a "white" person it's perfectly ok. But I guess you'd get killed if you mentioned that. :) Oh crap! I hope I don't get killed.

Lord said...

I am moving back to my planet.