Sunday, May 20, 2007

Secret Revealed

Like a monk I am still wholly involved with my project. I guess I'll let the monkey out of the trunk and let everyone know that I'm writing a book.

I have written 144 pages so far. I have a goal of around 360 pages but depending on where the story takes me it might be shorter or it might be longer, but I think it will be at the very least 300 pages.

Because I know people are curious, questions always rise up like the foam from a glass of root beer. Unfortunately, I can't answer these questions because the contract I signed with my muse states that he will leave if I do. (Contract negotiations with the Guild of Muses are very tricky.)

Here is a list of some of those questions:

What is your book about?
Can I read what you have done so far?
Can I give you a suggestion?
Why are you writing about that?

Since I am following monk-like habits I think I will end with a quote from a nun.

"To be successful, the first thing to do is to fall in love with your work."

Sister Mary Lauretta


desertgirl said...

Come on, you can make a contract with me...It won't hurt to tell me just a little something, I won't tell anyone...come on, come on, come on! ~the devil~ (evil laughter)

Anonymous said...

I like that quote by the nun (and the devil hehe) But the devil forgot "everyone else is telling me, you should too!" But I really like the quote by the nun. She was a smart cookie! :) Good luck with the writing...pssst...check your starving artist fund.

The Lords Angel said...

hey i didnt know you were writing a book iam to... the title is NIGHT-RAIn

One paragraph mostly a cliffhanger is
From the hardest working cops to the
smartest farmers, I have the most dangerous and life risking job on the streets of New York City.
that is just the first paragraph i
couldent type the whole book of course