Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Change of Direction

Writing this blog takes a lot of time, effort, creativity, and money that I can't spare. And since real life has finally reared its ugly head I've been considering a hard choice.

I am taking on a new project that is occupying all of my thoughts, creativity, inspiration, ingenuity, efforts, time, and brain power. Because of this I am going to have to cut back on my posting frequency.

Instead of posting five days a week I am now only going to post when the mood strikes.

I know that this will disappoint some, but this blog doesn't pay the bills. Since my new project has the potential to pay off and is something that I actually want to do, unlike my current job, I am going to concentrate my efforts on it.

I am being vague about what this project is because in the past when I've announced what I am going to do it seems like the entire world conspires against its completion.

You can still contact me through this blog and make comments because I am still going to monitor and take care of it, I just won't be writing as often as before.


Anonymous said...

Aw! We love you anyway :) Good luck with the project!

Anonymous said...

Thats ok. I will have to post more on my blog for your entertainment. May the South rise again.