Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nightmare She Wrote

I work evenings and nights and so my wake sleep/cycle is different than 90% of the rest of the world, and because of this I often end up sleeping in the day. On top of this I often have to sleep in the living room instead of my bedroom due to noise and other irritants.

The down side of this is that usually someone else will come in and turn on the TV and wake me up. And these half heard and seen shows creep into my dreams.

So this morning I started having this dream about multiple Angela Lansburies and they all wanted to sing to me. I have to tell you that one Angela Lansbury is bad enough but more than one is just about the creepiest thing I could ever imagine. And to make things worse some of them had this really awful accent and were wearing Tammy Faye Baker style makeup and sporting bright curly red hair that I'm sure was stolen from Bozo's prop closet.

After a while it slowly sunk into my head that I was waking up and Murder She Wrote was on TV, and the person who turned it on was nowhere around. So I opened my eyes and what do I see? Yes that's right TWO Angela Lansburies and one of them was singing and looked like she had just been spawned from hell by some sort of demon!

Trust me, this is not how anyone should have to wake up.

So after a brief mental scream and a mad scramble for the remote to shut out the evil Lansburies, I realized it must have been one of those horrible shows where the same character plays two parts, one of them who is always a long lost relative or twin (always from another country so after this episode we luckily never have to hear from them again).

I'm just glad I don't have a gun, because if I did, I think I would have to go TV shopping.


Anonymous said...

Oh geez that was hilarious! Poor Brady, can't get a minute of sleep. Makes for good blogging though :)

Lord said...

What is wrong with you dawg. Anglea ia a hottie!!! I mean what is better than a granny solvin crimes. Oh wait a minute... Matlock!!!!