Friday, March 30, 2007

Fire Can Not Melt Steel

And with that comment Rosie O'Donnell proves that she is the stupidest person on Earth. I didn't see her make this comment on The View, but if the audience hadn't been prescreened for brain dead zombies, I would fully expect them all to get up and walk out.

Seriously, does she even know how steel is made? You have to melt it with fire in the first place, then you form it into the desired shape. Apparently she's never been to a medieval festival, though she clearly would fit right in as a harridan, where blacksmiths heat steel in fire to soften it, a.k.a. melt it slightly, so it is softer and will bend under the pressure of the hammer.

If after this comment people still give her any kind of credit, they are as stupid as she is and need to be all put in a bag and drowned.

Here's a news flash Rosie, ANYTHING that gets hot enough can melt. Have you ever heard of the Sun? It's a big fire ball where every element in the universe is melted. Or did you just think that there was a giant million watt light bulb floating in the sky that warmed the Earth? And by the way the Earth isn't flat either.


Heidi said...

I am so happy that I am related to you..even if just by marriage and not by "super-brilliant, genius, artistic Allen" DNA. Although I do have a few of those character atributes myself...

a.k.a. Brady said...

You're cool!