Monday, January 26, 2009

New Orleans Trip

I'm Posting this a few days late, but over the last weekend I went to New Orleans to visit my brother and his family. We visited some cemeteries looking for Marie Laveau's resting place, and toured Bourbon street, and then went to Gulf Port Mississippi, to see the Gulf of Mexico.

We saw some Voodoo graves where people had made offerings and performed a ritual that included drawing three X's on the crypt.

We also visited a cigar shop where they rolled their own.

On Bourbon street we saw all sorts of street performers, and clubs, and shops, and I even got a picture of a vampire. The bald guy dresses as a vampire and gives tours, but this was his down time. And yes I know that one photo is blurry. I like it anyway.

And I also like to get regular street shots, since all anyone ever sees are the tourist areas, and I like to show people what the real city looks like.

These are just some of the photos I took. I might post more later.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blurry pic of Bourbon Street. Such a unique and exciting place at dusk and dark. Love your pics of the silver guy and the vampire. Oh, yeah, the crypts are awesome to see. Mmmmm . . . good food at the House of Blues. Katrina tried to kill New Orleans, but it survived. It's definitely worth a visit. Let's hope the hurricanes stay away.