Friday, January 09, 2009

The Drawing of the Three

After being urged for years by my brother to read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, I finally read the gunslinger about 6 months ago. And now I just read the second book in the series, The Drawing of the Three.

I can't say I'm a big fan of Stephen King, but I have read a few of his books and stories, and of course, seen the movies. Certain things about the way he writes bug me, and certain things he puts in his stories bother me, but I have to admit he's a good story teller, and The Drawing of the Three is no exception.

It is the continuation of the Gunslinger's quest to find the Dark Tower and somehow save his land and people. And the path takes him into our world to gather the people and things he needs. Along with the loss of body parts, sea creatures, and plenty of shooting, just to keep things interesting.

I would recommend the series so far, with the warning that it is Stephen King writing, and the books include all that that implies.


Ed said...

I love the Dark Tower series! Of course, I enjoy much of King's writing. His ability to create sympathetic characters makes up for his other short comings.

a.k.a. Brady said...

I agree, he really knows how to make a character. If I could learn half his skill I'd be happy.