Thursday, August 28, 2008

Don't Doubt

There's a little book that I've had for years called Don't Worry Make Money, that I've read several times. It's a whole bunch of small one or two page points to help you succeed. It's stated focus is on helping you make more money, but I often find it helps in other parts of my life as well.

Just this morning I picked it up and it opened to a page about doubt. It was one of those, "Man, I really needed to read this right now!" moments.

I've been doubting my talent and self-worth lately, due to my on going phobia of stagnation, and this little bit of advice was just what I needed.

Basically, it compares your real life to your dreams. It talks about how we never doubt our abilities in our dreams, if we're flying in our dreams, we never doubt that we can, and if we are strong, or rich, or intelligent, we never doubt it. So it asks why we doubt our abilities in the real world?

Doubting your abilities serves no good purpose, and merely holds us back.

So, Ive decided to not doubt, and just do.

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