Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why William Gibson is awesome

Here's a post from William Gibson's, the author of Neuromancer's, blog.

A Steely Dan concert is akin to witnessing the passage of a single multiplex vehicle the size of a motorcade or convoy, its various segments comprising limousines, ice-cream wagons, hearses, lunch-carts, ambulances, black marias, and motorcycle outriders, all of it Rolls-grade and lacquered like a tropical beetle. The horns glint, as it rolls majestically past, splendid, a thing of legend, and utterly peculiar unto itself.
Can you imagine thinking like that? I mean it's not in a book, he didn't spend 2 hours and 10 rewrites to write it, he just thinks that way.

Man, I'm jealous and hope my book has anything as cool as that in it.

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