Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Your City or Mine?

I've never understood the penchant for people to like or dislike certain cities. While I can't say I'm a world traveler, I have lived or visited enough places to set my own attitude.

If it is hot I like that, if it is cold I like that. I try to find the beauty and interest wherever I am.

I try to find joy and comfort inside myself. I don't look to others for my self worth or happiness.

If certain people offend you and you don't like them I can understand that, but to extend that feeling to the place, or everyone who lives in that place, is detrimental to your own well being.

Really, its the only solution. You have to be happy wherever you are.


Nevaeh said...

Yes, your attitude is worth a lot but when no one talks or smiles at you and you start to get depressed...I believe you should do something else, or go somewhere else.

Nevaeh said...

Why do you have to approve it first? Did someone say something bad?

a.k.a. Brady said...

Sorry. I had someone spamming my comments so I turned on moderation for a while.