Friday, June 15, 2007

Holy New Post, Batman!

Since I'm still high up the cliff in my hermit cave of seclusion I thought I'd tell you about a few of the friends I brought along. These songs have kept me company and provided inspiration. In no particular order.

Nebula - To the center
Nebula - Full throttle
Nebula - So low
Fu Manchu - The wasteoid
Fu Manchu - Mongoose
Danzig - How the gods kill
Bob Dylan- Isis
Bob Dylan - All along the watchtower
Bob Dylan - Knockin' on heaven's door
Gun's n Roses - Civil war
Gun's n Roses - Knockin' on Heaven's door
Soundgarden - Blow up the outside world
Soundgarden - Burden in my hand
Soundgarden - Fell on black days
Soundgarden - pretty noose
The Band - the weight
The Doors - Riders on the storm
The Doors - Crossroads
B.R.M.C. - Fault line
B.R.M.C. - Grind my bones
B.R.M.C. - Shuffle your feet
Alabama Slim - The mighty flood
Slo Burn - Muezli

And just to keep everyone up to date I have written 187 pages in my book so far. At 215 pages I'll be two thirds done with my book. Yay!

And in case anyone was looking for a Batman reference, I constantly do the Batusi while listening to the music, and quoting these lines.

Butch, whose motorcycle is this?

It's a chopper.

Whose chopper is this?


Who's Zed?

Zed's dead, baby, Zed's dead.


Anonymous said...

Zed is the name of my arch nemesis! Sounds like you need a little Gordon Lightfoot and Jim Croce in your life. come on man feel the love! Those two guys are inspiring. I only wish I could write music like them.

desertgirl said...

You're almost done! Holding my breath...can't wait to read what your story is about!

Mrs. Lord said...

Holy surprise, Batman! A new post! I knew you could do it...I miss your brain when you don't post. I need all the brilliant brain karma flowing my way, otherwise, I'll start saying things like, "I done did that already." PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME SAY THAT!!!!! I miss your brain and your sense of humor! Love you!

See desertgirl's blog to read the OK joke.