Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where The Wind Blows

It's windy tonight. After a beautiful first half of March the second half is promising to have teeth. There are three flags outside my room that flap in the breeze, they make a cracking snapping sound mixed with the mad ringing of the ropes used to raise and lower them beating against the metal poles. It's the first sound of a storm moving in.

I like the sounds they make. They are soothing to me, but I bet they annoy the neighbors. I also like storms. Big loud noisy thunder thrills me. Often I'll go out in the rain just to hear the crack of lightening echo across the sky.

Spring is a time of change and I always want to do something new when winter is melting away. Maybe it's time for a trip.

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Anonymous said...

come on down to our place. We get real BIG storms this time of year. I will post up some picks of clouds from last year. Round trip tickets are only about 300-400