Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Umoja Village, Florida Homeless Town

I agree that people shouldn't have to live like this in America but during this video most people are saying that they are happy. If people aren't happy they would find somewhere else to live.

Right now the unemployment rate is 4.9%, the lowest it has ever been. This means that there are plenty of jobs out there. Now I agree a lot of those jobs might be something you don't want to do, but in some cases you have to start somewhere.

Looking at the job statistic another way, 95.1% of people of working age in America have jobs. This means that those who don't have jobs either A) have some condition preventing them from getting a job, or B) don't want to get a job.

Group A are the only ones who actually deserve to get help from the government. Group B are people who believe they deserve help from the government.

It is not the governments job to provide you with housing, food, or to direct your lives. You have the freedom to choose how you live. If you choose to live in a shack, do not be so crass as to blame others for your situation.

If you want to be left alone, fine we'll leave you alone. But don't come begging when you no longer like the situation you put yourself in.

If on the other hand, you want to change and are willing to do what everyone else does, a.k.a. do some work, there should be a support system in place for you.

I think that the best thing the government can do is to look at some private sector training courses, and implement them to teach people to improve their own lives. Those who do not wish to improve themselves can go back to the shack.

(As a side note, this also may be the beginning of a community like the one described in William Gibson's bridge series of books Virtual Light, Idoru, and All Tomorrows Parties. It will be interesting to watch what happens to this village.)

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