Monday, March 19, 2007

Red Asphalt

colored pencil on bristol board 8 x 5 inches

Another drawing that I did while bored at work. When I finished it a coworker walked by my desk and said,

"Cool, oh wait. What is that?"

I said it was just a drawing and he said,

"Oh I thought it was a light shining down on a road."

I told him thanks and agreed that it did look like a road but that wasn't what I had in mind when I drew it.

But his comment stayed with me and I kind of like the idea even though I was working on a purely abstract image. But I liked it so much that I turned it upside down. Originally I drew the bottom as the top and vice versa.

The sharp observer will also notice that the "road" design is made up of hundreds of my crossfaces. While I was painting figuratively I would always do these obsessive repetitions of crosses and faces. And that's really where the inspiration came from, but since my first influence was and is the idea of the city I like the road angle also.

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