Friday, March 09, 2007

Obscure Blue

alkyds, plexiglass, stainless steel, vinyl, mdf 13 x 16 inches

I've always had the fascination of images seen through a foggy surface. I think it is a sci-fi influence but I also like the idea that there is more going on behind the surface than we can see.

It's hard to get the whole effect in this photo since you loose the third dimension, but I've attached a piece of frosted plexiglass to the painting with some stainless steel machine screws and used some vinyl tubing to act as a spacer, making the plexiglass stand away from the surface of the painting.

Looking at the painting in person you have this mental itch to try to see behind the plexiglass, but you can't seem to get the right angle to see the surface clearly. It leaves you a little frustrated but that's how life is. Clarity is a rare thing. You end up slogging through life, barely able to make out your next foothold, let alone the complete path.

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