Thursday, February 01, 2007

People Who Watch TV Are Laughing

"Are you serious?!" That was my reaction when I heard about the totally overblown reaction to the advertising campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Someone really thought it was terrorists? I bet you if they were signs of Mickey Mouse that lit up, not a single person on the planet would've been alarmed. (By the way that last statement should concern somebody.)

But we react by calling out the bomb squad and have blue gloved officials holding up signs like Superman handling Kryptonite. Give me a break. Doesn't anyone in government watch TV?

I mean the show has been on TV for seven years. It's not like it's new or something. At some point maybe someone should have recognized the cartoon figure and thought "Gee, it's a cartoon."

Now I agree that there shouldn't have been visible wires and stuff hanging out, and a logo with the cartoon network on it might have waylaid some fears. But charging people with felonies and potentially a fine of a half a million dollars, isn't that a little too far?

All of this could have been solved if someone had just called their son in college and used a camera phone to send a picture of the sign. It could have saved a lot of trouble, but there's always going to be some old granny (mentally speaking) who thinks the world is going to end because they changed the color on her hemorrhoid cream packaging.

People should be more aware of their own culture. And right now TV and the Internet are the driving force. How can we expect to understand other cultures and know what is a threat and not if we don't even pay attention to our own?

Maybe someone in the government should be assigned to watch some TV. It would save some cash and a few heart attacks.

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