Friday, February 16, 2007

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

It's a new easel! Yay!

Well after many years of using home built jobs I finally have an official easel. I still think that fancy equipment doesn't mean you make great art, but just look at it in all its stained and varnished glory! (Excuse me as I grab a Kleenex to wipe my eyes.)

"How do you afford your art lifestyle?" You might ask.

Well due to unforeseen circumstances, a.k.a. my boss thought I did a pretty good job last year, I was given a bonus at work. Now usually when I fall into a little extra money I pay bills and then whine about it later. (Responsibility sucks sometimes.)

But this time I said screw it! I'm not gonna take it, anymore! So I jumped on Dickus Blickus and found a killer deal, original price $400, on clearance just over $100, and said that's the one for me. And of course with the rest of the money I bought paint and supplies, a.k.a. paid off the witch doctor for my "I'm doing great at work" spell. (He has an installment plan, for the thrifty consumer.)

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Anonymous said...

YAY! That is one beautiful easel brother! I am sooo happy you did something for yourself. Sometimes it really pays to not be responsible huh?!?! I am sharing in your joy :) You are a great artist and that easel found itself a good home and it knows it will be used extensivly! :)