Friday, January 26, 2007

Jasper Johns

I love keeping up with art and artists and Jasper Johns has always fascinated me. When I first saw his flag paintings I like everyone else focused on the flag not seeing the collage underneath. It wasn't until I saw a close up that I realized that he wasn't painting a flag. You can see a detail view here on Wikipedia

I also thought that this deconstruction of one of his paintings was interesting.

This painting called Device is one of my favorites. I like how he nailed boards to the painting and slid them in a circle to make a design and instead of removing them he left them in place.

Recently I saw a episode of CBS Sunday Morning about different artists take on Picasso at the Whitney Museum, and saw a brief view of a new series of Jasper Johns inspired by Picasso.

On you can read a brief biography of Jasper Johns.

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