Wednesday, January 03, 2007

How to Comment

I've had some complaints that when people post a comment they are not showing up.

Unfortunately I have very little control over how the comment section works, but here's the basic method to make it function, such as it is.

At the bottom of the post you want to comment on, click on the comments link next to my name and time. This will take you to the comments page.

Type your comment in the text box. Blogger limits this to 300 characters and won't let me change it. If you need to write more just leave another comment below your first one.

After you are done with your comment, you need to type in the security code. (If you are logged into Blogger or Google you don't have to do this.) The security code is the group of funky blue letters. (Letters can also be different colors.)

After you type them in correctly you need to choose if you are posting with a nickname or not. I allow anyone to leave comments, even though I would appreciate a nickname, I don't require it.

And finally click the publish your comment button on the bottom. That should work.

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