Friday, December 15, 2006

Why You Should Own A Gimp

1 Job security. When you don't want to go to work you can force your gimp to go in your place.

2 Low maintenance. A gimp only requires one outfit and his room is a wood box at the foot of your bed.

3 Companionship. When you're feeling lonely you always have the gimp to keep you company.

4 No nagging. When you're tired of hearing your gimp talk you simply close the zipper on his hood.

5 Stress relief. When you are feeling frustrated you have a willing subject to whip.

6 Cool factor. Nothing says you're the coolest cat on the block like your own personal gimp.

7 Cash flow. If your short on cash you can rent your gimp to all your friends.

8 In with the Hollywood crowd. You now have an excuse to invite Quentin Tarantino to your place.

9 “I was with my gimp.” When the police knock on your door you have an alibi.

10 Cheap labor. When none of your friends show up you always have someone to help you move.

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