Monday, November 27, 2006

Who's The Man?

Like just about everyone else, I drive the same roads to and from work everyday. The same lights, the same stops, the same turns, but after a while you start to see a pattern to it all.

If you hit this light at just the right moment, the next three lights are also green and you just lay on the gas and go cruising. You need to stop at this light because if you don't the timing is off and you hit all the rest of them red as well. It's like you figured out the secret password to get into that special club.

So I'm driving along, and there's someone fallowing me. I'm hitting all the lights green. I'm in the zone. The guy behind me is thinking, man, this person in front knows how to drive.

I'm thinking, just follow me buddy and you'll find the path open. I'll show you the way into the club. Aren't I awesome? I know the secret password!

Then I look a little further behind and see this other car following him. Then I realize that the guy behind me is probably thinking the same thing I am. He's in the zone and he's showing the guy behind him into the cool kids club.

And what about the guy behind him? What's he thinking?

And that makes me realize that the guy behind me isn't thinking about me at all. I'm just the person in his way.

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