Thursday, November 02, 2006

Red Car, Red Dress, Bad Night

Last night I had a dream.

In it I bought a red car from a private seller. Everything seemed fine except that the car was stolen the next day.

So I go and try to find the car and discover that the people I bought it from were the car thieves. So I steal the car back from them and think everything is fine. But then the next day the car is stolen again.

I go searching for it, again, and find it parked in a covered parking lot at a movie theater. This time the plates have been changed to Mississippi plates, for some reason, with red numbers, and my plates are in the back seat.

So I see a cop nearby and tell him what's going on, and he believes me, but just then the person I bought the car from shows up,who turns out to be a hot brunette girl wearing a red dress, and tries to take the car again. When I confront her she runs over to the policeman and starts crying and the policeman thinks that I'm in the wrong now.

I start to defend myself and I show the police my paperwork, pointing out the signatures, and they still don't believe me cause she's crying. And then I wake up.

I hate dreams sometimes.

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