Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hollywood Clichès: Round One

Hollywood is an inbred idea factory. It's like a group of people standing around in a big metal room shouting so called original ideas that they heard echoing off the walls, until at some point they are all shouting the same thing.

In movies, TV shows, or whatever, there is always someone who ends up receiving shocking news. And that person usually has something in their hands and drops it. Now for the non-thinking person this seem logical but the natural reflex of the hand is to clench not let go.

A doctor, to check finger reflexes, will have a person hold out their hand with their fingers straight up. Then he will grasp their hand by putting his fingers over the top of theirs, and then strike the hand with a reflex hammer causing the fingers to curl in towards the palm slightly.

Also in the complete mindless state of death, hands want to curl up with rigor mortis not extend, or there would be no such thing as a death grip.

So a person in a shocked, a.k.a mindless state, would actually grasp tighter not let go. Letting go is a conscious act. Proving that not only does Hollywood use clichès, but uses stupid ones at that.

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